Some Updates

Ryan Engverson


So with the Patreon fee fiasco stuff going on I closed my Creator page. I didn’t have any Patrons so I’m not leaving anyone hanging there. It’s hard to try and create a base and move towards a sustainable income through crowdfunding. And I did not have confidence in the scale of what I was doing and succeeding on Patreon, especially after the fee changes.

I still have a day job and as much as I want to have source of income that just lets me spend my time and energy on writing and other content creation that’s not how things are right now. I’ll try some other crowdfunding option after the New Year some time. Until then just enjoy the stuff I do.

 Anyways I had done three exclusive stories for Patreon when I had the Creator page up. Since I’ve shut down the Creator page I moved them to my Fiction page (Under New Management, Newly Weds, and Maternal Bonds) to be enjoyed by anyone.

That’s kind of it for now.